Our houses are anti-seismic, with steel structure and perimeter walls with high thermal-acoustic insulation to obtain the living comfort and energy efficiency of class A.

With underfloor heating, equipped with all basic domestic systems and low emission windows to ensure thermal insulation and reduce energy dispersion.


Freedom of house shapes and lines gives way to creativity. Villa is designed to be the physical representation of our ideal house. Built with technological materials: steel, concrete, wood and composite, it leaves nothing to be desired, from the structure to individual design element.


High thermo-acustic insulation of walls, flooring and ceiling provides better liveability of the house interiors. Proper stabilisation of umidity level and climate comfort that isolates from summer heat and winter cold.


Steel structure for a total safety and protection from earthquakes and intense natural phenomenon. Cage system to unload to the ground all the electrostatic energies. Combined with proper surveillance systems it ensures a considerable safety and security.


Speed time to construction, functionality and the use of materials with potentialities for architectural deformation. It shall ensure low based cost against reinforced concrete and wood structures cost.


Fast construction and simple installation progress bring to execution and finalisation within 6-8 months from the authorisation to begin the work of construction.


Home automation, solution on materials and constructional techniques allow you to achieve benchmarks for environmental sustainability and self-sufficiency in energy, reducing CO2 emissions. The Villa easily reaches high energy performances required by class A highest quality buildings; differently from traditional buildings that are constrained by expensive and complex strategies of construction.