Site selection & Structure
  • Building site selection
  • Feasibility study
  • Architectural and Structural engineering
  • Preliminary planning
  • Application development
  • Structure virtual model development – BIM
  • Definitive planning
  • Executive planning
  • Job direction and execution
  • Plants direction and construction
  • Plants virtual model development- BIM
  • Domotic systems
  • Underground or Hanging electrical and distribution networks – solar system
  • Air conditioning, ventilation and underfloor heating systems
  • Water and Sanitary systems – adduction, discharge, irrigation, rainwater harvesting, pool and whirlpool systems
  • Sport facilities
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Job direction and execution
  • External and Internal Design – Paintings, Flooring, Lighting, Garden
  • External and Internal Design – Furnishing, Kitchen, Sanitary, Surfaces and Domotic
  • Domotic Study and Application
  • Design virtual model development
  • In progress customisation
  • Job direction and execution
Go inside
  • Virtual tour
  • Solar radiation and shadows check
  • Dimension and Design scale representation
  • Rendering photos and videos
  • Export and Share of multimedia contents on devices
Consulting & Bureaucracy
  • Defined and Definitive costs and terms
  • In progress mortgages and loans consultancy
  • Bureaucracy documents and permits consulting and management
  • Safety documents and permits consulting and management
  • Start of Work documents and permits consulting and management
  • Risk plans and safety consulting and management
  • Completion of work documents and permits consulting and management
Communication & Support
  • Predictive maintenance study
  • Supply consulting and management
  • Mid-term job and terms
  • 24/7 support
  • Work in progress status
  • Envirnomental Sustainability Consulting
  • Building technology and envirnomental consulting